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Problems are like a puzzle

Our business solutions help you put the right pieces into place!

About Us

We believe Business is just like ART. Like every art, it needs an inspiration, skill and the right set of tools and environment to help you produce a masterpiece. At LEO Consulting we give you just that. Our consulting services aim to help aspiring entrepreneurs, individual businessmen, and SMEs to plan, execute and achieve their respective business goals.

Shaping IDEAS

An idea, no matter how brilliant does not pay, unless it is ‘shaped’ into a definite business plan.
We help you shape your ideas into solid business plans through strategic consulting services. We help you at every stage since inception of an idea to birth of a business.


Communication is the fundamental element of revenue generation in every business. Whether its internal or external, B2B or B2C, a business is what it projects through its communication. As opposed to the common thinking, communications is not only making calls or writing letters. Rather it encompasses every message that goes out whether in the form of a logo, sales proposal, product flyer or the business website. Any and every way a business talks to its customers, investors or other stake holders contributes to the overall communication framework of the business.
At LEO Consulting we pride ourselves on being the experts at Business communication design. Whether its text or graphics, digital or offline; our designers and copywriters design masterpieces of marketing tools and collateral for you.

Reengineering PROCESSES

A business process is an activity or set of activities that will accomplish a specific organizational goal. We help you design or re-design your business process to help you achieve your business objectives and get you ready to face the competition out there.

Implementing SYSTEMS

A competitive business cannot perform without efficient systems. Whether its about implementing new IT infrastructure or deploying performance dashboards for integral business KPIs, LEO Consulting supports you in analyzing, designing and deploying efficient systems for your business to give you sustainability and control.