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Business is an ART

And we help you create a masterpiece!

In today’s modern age, every business whether big or small faces fierce competition. To gain that competitive edge today businesses need to constantly evolve with the changing trends. Whether your business is in the Idea stage or a small enterprise, we can help you achieve the sustainable advantage that you need to grow.From ‘strategy’ to ‘execution’, Business is all about the seamless functioning of thoughts, processes, systems and people.
At LEO Consulting we help you with shaping your business, building a brand, formulating strategy, redesigning processes, implementing systems and training people.

Business Research

Whether you are planning to start a new business or want to expand your existing setup, you need proper research as a base for your plans. We offer extensive marketing research and analytics to help you plan flawlessly.

Business Planning

A business plan is your roadmap to success. Even the brightest ideas wont work unless they are turned into a workable business plan. We help your turn your ideas into solid business and marketing plans, putting every factor in black and white so you can make accurate projections and foresee challenges.

Business Communication

Communication is the face of a business. In both the corporate as well as marketing realms, communication plays a vital role. Whether you are asking your customers to buy your product, or talking to an investor to invest in your business model, you need to invest in proper communication design.

Building a business has never been more easy!

From your first logo to a complete website, from initial business plans to a sales proposal, we have you covered.

From a single-person 'Hussle' to a professional business setup, we can help you with your back office functions so you can focus on growth. 



Modes of Engagement


A consultant typically helps your business become more profitable and efficient, by identifying the hurdles and helping you manage them in the most cost-effective manner. Whatever problem your business is facing, our consulting services would help you identify the root causes, advise you on solutions and help you implement those solutions to achieve maximum efficiency, enhanced profitability and long-term sustainability.


Thinking of hiring a marketing manager? Think again? Why hire a full-time in-house resource when you can outsource the function at probably half the cost. Outsourcing of various support functions can not only give you cost-savings but help you increase the efficiency of a particular function like Marketing, HR or Training. A typical outsourcing arrangement can include a long-term engagement to handle a specific function for your business against a retainer fee.


With extensive exposure of business fields, our experts are fully capable to manage any kind of business project, fully or partially for you. We will plan, operate and run your business for you managing its profitability and efficiency. Some recent examples of project based consulting assignments include, managing the business launch for a technology startup, or revamping the business for an educational institute with an objective to enhance efficiency and profitability.


Here we have some Frequently Asked Questions that our prospective clients enquire about.
I have a Business Idea, how can you help me?
Well thats great! Having a bright idea can your first step towards building a successful business. But having an idea is not enough. You need a solid business plan based upon your idea. We can help you build your idea into a business, even if you dont have a name for your business. We will design your CVI right from the logo to your website and everything in between.
I have a small business, but I am not satisfied with my logo/website/product flyers.
We can support you in any and every stage of your business.  We can help redesign your logo and give you a professional website all within your budget. We work with you to identify your goals and propose designs that compliment your business identity. Our graphic designers work day and night to give your brand a make-over. We will research your product and service and develop a strategy to communicate your message effectively to your target customers. Our designers will then translate these ideas into a professional looking design for your product or service flyers.
I am a Non-Native/English entrepreneur but I want to communicate with my clients in flawless Business English.
This is probably one of the most common issues. With the modern means of communication and transportation, English has become the primary language for international business and trade. Foreign companies often face this challenge where they have a hard time communicating with their clients in proper business language – as a result they end up loosing business and clients! LEO Consulting offers a complete MARCOM (Marketing Communications) consultancy where we do your writing for you. We help you design professional proposals, corporate profiles and business presentations for your clients and your investors. We can do this on a project basis or on a retainership model.

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